11 Oct 2017 | News

viidle, a platform for app video ads, partners up with nend for video advertisements ~ Expanding Japan’s inventory of rewarded video and interstitial video

October 11th 2017, viidle a video ad platform, owned by adjapon, Inc., partnered with nend, Japan’s largest domestically-operated mobile ad platform. viidle media partners can now access nend inventory with its rewarded and interstitial video ads, expanding to the five previously affiliated global video ad distribution companies.

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Rewarded video is an advertising method that can promote more active user engagement within apps by providing users with ad viewing incentives. Video rewarded ads have a high affinity not only with conventional advertising models for applications, but also with paid-for game and manga applications which have not adopted advertisements so far. New applications can be activated and monetized through rewarded video advertisements.

Interstitial video ads are full-screen video ads. this advertising method aims to improve app user engagement by switching to and displaying ads whenever there is an activity break in the app such as a “Stage Clear” in a game or the end of a chapter in a manga. Video interstitial ads can also be introduced in applications that do not offer incentives as well as non-gaming apps.

In the future, viidle will continue to provide solutions to the media management bottleneck that is monetization while endeavoring to enrich user experiences with content that consumers demand.

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■ About viidle:
viidle is a global video ad mediation service supporting mobile app monetization, a top priority for media applications. Mediation is the process of anticipating then selecting the most profitable opportunity from multiple ad networks to deliver.

viidle uses an advanced unique algorithm to deliver targeted ads to its consumers (media viewers) found in all regions around the world from its inventory of video ads provided by our network of partner companies. this method offers a much higher revenue level than other ad media.

viidle commits to follow the highest international transparency standards including providing comprehensive profit reports as well as disclosing our commission. We seek to contribute not only to improving the profitability of global media as a whole but also re-establish trust between different essential agents.

■ About adjapon, Inc.
adjapon, Inc is a subsidiary of F@N Communications, Inc., one of the largest online advertising network groups in Japan. It serves as an ad agency and service provider for overseas advertising and monetization. with the official release of medi8, adjapon will expand its reach to its already vast amount of global online publisher, further contributing to F@N Communications’ growing international presence.

Location Aoyama Diamond Building, 1-1-8, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established March 1, 2012
President Koji Ninomiya

About F@N Communications, Inc.
F@N Communications, Inc. is one of the largest online advertising network groups in Japan, including A8 (affiliate ad network) , nex8(retargeting ad network) and nend (mobile ad network) a cost-effective advertising promotional service.

Location Aoyama Diamond Building (Reception: 2nd Floor) 1-1-8, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002
Established October 1, 1999
President Yasuyoshi Yanagisawa
Paid-in Capital 1,135,910,000 yen (As of October 11, 2017)

Company name, service name and products mentioned on the press release are trademarks registered by all companies

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